Digital or by hand?

Just wanted to share this quick tidbit:

By Hand? Really?


BY HAND.  Yes, really.

Saw that a bit ago, browsing through an illustration (click photo for link) and was quite impressed.  I’d like to think he free-handed it, first sketching lightly, eraser crumbs everywhere.  After a general outline, a sharpie would have been used to embolden all the arcs, and perhaps a Micron would be the tool for final touches.  

Non-digital art, especially art that follows repetitive patterns, is simulatenously challenging and soothing. I have to wonder how many of the ‘new’ artists out there have ever touched a protractor or compass, how many have ever been frustrated at the point sliding off into space while you accidentally rip the paper.  How many of us remember dueling with T-squares?  

Ahh the old days.  A blessing and a curse.  Though digital works are much easier (and faster) to produce, there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of a perfectly hand-drawn circle.
Check out some of these pre-digital tools…


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