A New Day

Being three hours behind (and waking up at 1030AM PST), I had to watch the inauguration via clips on CNN.com, so the build-up of the entrance, oath, speech and eventual exit weren’t the same as if watching on TV. It DEFINITELY wasn’t the same as being there, but honestly my apartment is much warmer and I can watch in my house clothes, with a cup of tea. You give, you take.

For what is such an epic event, it doesn’t convey that way electronically. The speech was progressive and inspiring, and though I caught some people yawning you have to figure that they’d been standing or sitting in the freezing cold for hours, and then previously travel from wherever to arrive. Yawns happen, so there is no blame there.

I was pleased that everyone behaved themselves on camera, and pleased that we have someone in office with enough confidence and courage to take on what is probably the toughest job in the world right now. It doesn’t seem like today has a shiny new sheen on it, because that feeling was back in November. The day after the elections is when it felt like we had A New President, even though today is the official date. Also I’m off work today as a comp day for yesterday’s holiday, so I’m in that final ‘long weekend’ phase, where you try to get all the stuff done you didn’t do because everyone else was off.

The thing about this election, this inauguration, this moment, as blasé as I sound, is that it really is historical. It makes me sad to think that so many people are speaking petty thoughts against this man who has done nothing to them (just because of color or faith), but it gives me hope that we might become not the nation we once were, but a better, more solid and more majestic nation than ever before. I think it’s a sign of good things that this man, before he’d even taken office, made people not only care about politics, but about their nation, and about other people. They may not love everything about everything, but they’re finally paying attention.

Who knows, he might even make little kids once again start saying that they want to be President when they grow up.

In summation, this is from my first email of the morning, and it wins. 🙂


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  1. “Who knows, he might even make little kids once again start saying that they want to be President when they grow up.”

    Very true!

    Blogrolled. 😉

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