Trial Run

So J came home with a blender last week, and just in time for me to start in on another OMG-Healthy-Eating-Kick(tm). I can’t say that’s a bad thing.

Anyway, I went and bought a metric ton of fruits & veggies, and am trying out my first homemade smoothie. It’s not bad at all for a trial, but not perfect. Then again if it was perfect I would have just come back from Jamba Juice, $4+ poorer, amped up on sugar.

So here’s the recap. Mostly it’s just for my own reference, but maybe it’ll inspire somebody else out there to do this. I’ve been reading up quite a bit on “green smoothies“, and though this one is decidedly some sort of berry color, I know exactly what’s in it and am pleased. Whatever helps with the health, right?

~Organic* Frozen Berry Medley
~1 & 3/4 cup orange juice (pulp free minute maid)
~1/2 cup of 1% milk
~small handful of spinach leaves, torn up before blending

Time: Blended for about… 2 minutes, or until super-smooth (save for some little seeds from the berries).
Blender type: Personal twist, similar to this, with 2 sizes of cups. I’d say this is about a 10oz cup.
Consistency: A little too foamy for my liking, but very smooth. Not too watery.
Flavor: Good! Refreshing, not overly tangy, not too sweet, but definitely has a solid orange juice flavor.
Effects?: Well, I finished it about ten minutes ago, and halfway through noticed I no longer was dying for a nap. Not feeling jittery, though we’ll see if my tummy can handle the dairy/OJ combo.
Overall? I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5.

I have to wonder what it would taste like if I dropped in a banana or avocado, so that’s my goal for next time, with slightly less orange juice and slightly more spinach. Down the road I may also add a little bit of tofu for the energy boost, and will consider some cocoa powder with it as well. Other goals include using soy milk and frozen yogurt (when I want more of a dessert and less of a meal-replacement).

That’s all for the moment – wish me luck on converting to greener pastures!

*My goal wasn’t OMG ORGANIC, however that was the only selection of frozen berries I could find, and it was cheaper than buying individual frozen or non-frozen servings. Who am I to complain at $2.39 a bag, that will give me at least three servings?


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