If It Ain’t Broke…

Courtesy AdAge.com – Twitter is raising a massive $100 million round of funding from seven sources, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Twitter, which has already raised $55 million, has become a valuable resource for brands, both big, national ones and local ones, and can act as both a broadcast and a listening tool.
View the full article at: http://adage.com/digital/article?article_id=139265

My response (in apropos tweet format) is twofold:

What should Twitter do with $100M? http://bit.ly/F6MMX Don’t fix what ain’t broke!

Twitter is a word-of-mouth communications tool & is fine as-is. You know who needs $100M? Poor/starving/sick people. NOT TWITTER.

I realize that they are a business, and will need constant revenue. Let’s look at the basics.
First, on their website, they say, “Twitter has many appealing opportunities for generating revenue but we are holding off on implementation for now because we don’t want to distract ourselves from the more important work at hand which is to create a compelling service and great user experience for millions of people around the world. While our business model is in a research phase, we spend more money than we make.”

Compelling service? Yes, Twitter can be habit-forming. This is why celebs are tweeting about nothing (SOMETIMES IN ALL CAPS), pseudo-celebs are tweeting for stardom, marketing folk & social media gurus are tweeting about tweeting, and bored teens are tweeting horribly misspelled past lunch experiences. This is why iPhones and Blackberries mention Twitter in their 30 second ad spot. This is why businesses are creating Twitter accounts, this is why spammers are getting banned as fast as they appear, and this is why everyone thinks life is described 140 characters at a time.

This ties in with Marketing, which is pretty straightforward at the moment: Twitter (along with the various monikers of it) is a near-household name. People mock it, enjoy it, hate it, love it, but the popularity has skyrocketed.

Great customer experience? It’s a simple yet powerful platform for many types of people, so overall, yes. Except for when the Fail Whale appears.

Server/bandwith/hosting costs? Okay, that will need to be paid for. The service is currently not ad-supported, so perhaps small ads built into the web browsers could be something new, which might cover their cost on that if they cap it at 10 advertisers a year (for example). These would be prime/coveted positions, and also manage to be unobtrusive.

Employee pay? They have a small crew that seems to be productive and happy. Location, perks, benefits all seem to be good. It’s about what you’d expect from a small company, except that they have almost entirely changed the world of communication as we know it. (Hit up http://twitter.com/jobs for more info.) These guys came from Google, Blogger, Xanga, CNET, AOL, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and more, so you know they know what’s up – and expect/deserve to be compensated accordingly.

Looking past all that, Twitter is a small business with a huge current-event megaphone, and they’re doing well, so they do need revenue to keep going. That, I understand.

But $100 million? What are they planning on doing? I honestly hope it doesn’t involve trying to fix what isn’t broken. As much as all the social media folks, marketing directors, Google Gurus and trendy people want the extra bells and whistles, do we, the Normal People, the ones who helped make it what it is, really need all that?

Just leave it alone, Twitter. It’s fine. (Except maybe you could build a little habitat for the fail whale to hang out in, because he really doesn’t need to show up quite so often.)

The State on DVD

Some of you know. Some of you know and don’t care. Some of you neither know, nor care, but I’m feeling great right now and want to share this.

I’ll have you know I’m in a really good mood this morning due to looking this stuff up right now.

Rumors about The State coming to DVD have been around for a long time, but my knowledge of the confirmation has only been solidified recently. I’d probably known for at least a month or two (thanks Lindsay!), but then forgot about it because it had been just a rumor for so long.

Here’s what’s up. THE STATE IS COMING TO DVD.


From Wiki:
The State’s official website reported in November that the DVD set was completed, but that their distributor, MTV, has “chosen not to release the set at this time. We don’t know why.”[5] As of January 29, 2008, Michael Showalter has confirmed that MTV is still delaying the release: “They have it. We’ve made the DVD, and it exists. It’s out of our hands, and I know who has it, but I don’t know why they’re waiting… we’ve done the commentary and the deleted material and all that stuff, but I just don’t know when it’s coming out. “[6] The State’s official FAQ currently states:
“There is NO WAY to get any episodes of The State on tape, unless you trade with other fans or buy bootlegs on eBay. The only other recourse is to beg MTV to rerun the show or to release episodes on video. Try writing MTV Home Video, 1515 Broadway, NY NY 10036, or MTV Programming Dept, same address. Or write to Comedy Central, 1775 Broadway, NYC, 10019.”[3]

If you’re a fan of Reno911 or Kids In The Hall or just good sketch comedy, MARK YOUR CALENDARS: July 14, 2009! Just in time to work up a good hangover for the sixth Harry Potter movie coming out the next day. 😉

APR and The King

President Barack Obama has a tempting target in his sight: credit card companies that are abusing their customers. He meets today with representatives of the businesses, which are fighting new regulations that would protect consumers.
Full article: http://voices.kansascity.com/node/4338
Here’s hoping that whatever he does allows me to go from 29.9% back down to 10%, where it should have been for the past four months. Ugh!

Larry King vs Levi Johnston.
Full article: http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/04/23/lkl.levi.johnston.palin/index.html?eref=rss_topstories
That was interesting to read, but Larry was goading him as the interview progressed. “Your ex seems really angry with you, why is that?” “Do you have a lawyer?” “Are you scared saying you have a lawyer will make them angry?” “Somebody won’t let you see your baby and that sounds fishy!” Gaaaaaaah. They are KIDS, yeah his baby’s mama’s mama is the ex-VP-candidate, but COME ON. I dare somebody to stand up and say they’ve never had baby mama drama; did somebody forget about all the teen pregnancies out there? More ugh!

Nadya Suleman Is A Fool (Apologies To Any Current Fools)

First off, the stimulus package will be voted on tomorrow:
Secondly, here’s what it would entail.

And thirdly, the link that almost made me put my fist through the monitor… remember that chick who decided that having EIGHT MORE KIDS was awesome? Apparently she can’t pay her bills with unconditional love AND IS ASKING FOR DONATIONS ONLINE

Seriously, send any donations via PayPal to larissa.young@gmail.com.

Except I can provide you with things! A sob story, a website, a logo, transcription, a book, a blog, art, makeup, photos, cook your dinner ….hell, I’ll even mow your lawn!

I am so COMPLETELY FLABBERGASTED at this that I want to just go curl up in bed until the world wears off.

Pending, Indeed.

1. The American economy is indescribable.
2. I suppose Chris & Rihanna are relevant because if we take our minds of the insane economy, we need to look at someone else’s relationship instead of our own.
3. 1. Jessica Simpson isn’t fat, can everyone just shut up now?
4. Not just poor people should experience this.
5. Can I have a Kindle, but maybe not the super-expensive one that does the same thing but is a little less shiny? I’m okay with that.

In summation, the economy is insane (even though it really doesn’t feel like it to a lot of people), 15 minutes of fame is can sometimes be extended to 20, technology is advancing to a remarkable state, and the reason I haven’t blogged anything of worth in the past couple weeks is because searching for a house makes me CRAZY.

A New Day

Being three hours behind (and waking up at 1030AM PST), I had to watch the inauguration via clips on CNN.com, so the build-up of the entrance, oath, speech and eventual exit weren’t the same as if watching on TV. It DEFINITELY wasn’t the same as being there, but honestly my apartment is much warmer and I can watch in my house clothes, with a cup of tea. You give, you take.

For what is such an epic event, it doesn’t convey that way electronically. The speech was progressive and inspiring, and though I caught some people yawning you have to figure that they’d been standing or sitting in the freezing cold for hours, and then previously travel from wherever to arrive. Yawns happen, so there is no blame there.

I was pleased that everyone behaved themselves on camera, and pleased that we have someone in office with enough confidence and courage to take on what is probably the toughest job in the world right now. It doesn’t seem like today has a shiny new sheen on it, because that feeling was back in November. The day after the elections is when it felt like we had A New President, even though today is the official date. Also I’m off work today as a comp day for yesterday’s holiday, so I’m in that final ‘long weekend’ phase, where you try to get all the stuff done you didn’t do because everyone else was off.

The thing about this election, this inauguration, this moment, as blasé as I sound, is that it really is historical. It makes me sad to think that so many people are speaking petty thoughts against this man who has done nothing to them (just because of color or faith), but it gives me hope that we might become not the nation we once were, but a better, more solid and more majestic nation than ever before. I think it’s a sign of good things that this man, before he’d even taken office, made people not only care about politics, but about their nation, and about other people. They may not love everything about everything, but they’re finally paying attention.

Who knows, he might even make little kids once again start saying that they want to be President when they grow up.

In summation, this is from my first email of the morning, and it wins. 🙂


Heading out with a friend from high school to celebrate, but here’s to making it through another year. Remember, your year is only as awesome as you make it. 😉

Happy 2009!