Stephen Colbert Tells Kanye To Sit Down & Shut Up

…praise the lord!

I won’t even get into a full rant, because that would require too much energy. He just needs to go away now. My bitterness towards him might not be so overwhelming if my neighbors didn’t play his crap every weekend on the same looping playlist with MIA and Daft Punk and T.E.C.H.N.O. Not even anything good, just the kind you’d hear if somebody was doing a parody about it. They’re starting to put some older Smashing Pumpkins in their playlist now, which makes me sad because I like Smashing Pumpkins.

I digress. This is not a post about my neighbors, this is an anti-KW post. Oh, btw, I enjoy lots and LOTS of music, just… on my own schedule and maybe not cranked all the way up starting at 10PM.

Alright. So, “American Boy” is a good song, and only because Estelle sounds so good has it redeemed that garbage where Kanye stole “sampled” the beat from Daft Punk. “Slow Jamz” was good and only because of Twista and the beatz. Kanye himself was good when he had that one song out, “If iiiii ruled the world…”

Oh wait. That was NAS.


Sunglasses display mannequin ftw, haha!


And Another Thing

So, yeah, some of you are sad that Obama won, but hey – at least it’s balanced out by the fact that all those pesky gays won’t be getting married anytime soon and wrecking your traditional lives with all their wedding festivities. Sorry, no champagne for you!

Here is the list of all of the organizations, businesses and individuals that helped fund the Yes On 8 proposition:

Those folks are obviously very proud of having the resources to donate $5,000… $10,000… some even upwards of A MILLION DOLLARS towards such a cause, let’s take a nice peaceful stance and get their names out there.

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At Least We Don’t Have Cholera

Things that are bad include the following.

Let’s hope this gets contained and controlled quickly. In the meantime, I may never eat instant ramen again.

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