Parasitic Telepathic Octopii

Just wanted to let you all know that a coworker let me borrow Stephenie Meyer’s new book, “The Host”.

I’m about 2 chapters in, and my subject line seems to sum it up accurately so far.

It is late, and that is all. Tomorrow: more.


Nadya Suleman Is A Fool (Apologies To Any Current Fools)

First off, the stimulus package will be voted on tomorrow:
Secondly, here’s what it would entail.

And thirdly, the link that almost made me put my fist through the monitor… remember that chick who decided that having EIGHT MORE KIDS was awesome? Apparently she can’t pay her bills with unconditional love AND IS ASKING FOR DONATIONS ONLINE

Seriously, send any donations via PayPal to

Except I can provide you with things! A sob story, a website, a logo, transcription, a book, a blog, art, makeup, photos, cook your dinner ….hell, I’ll even mow your lawn!

I am so COMPLETELY FLABBERGASTED at this that I want to just go curl up in bed until the world wears off.

Pending, Indeed.

1. The American economy is indescribable.
2. I suppose Chris & Rihanna are relevant because if we take our minds of the insane economy, we need to look at someone else’s relationship instead of our own.
3. 1. Jessica Simpson isn’t fat, can everyone just shut up now?
4. Not just poor people should experience this.
5. Can I have a Kindle, but maybe not the super-expensive one that does the same thing but is a little less shiny? I’m okay with that.

In summation, the economy is insane (even though it really doesn’t feel like it to a lot of people), 15 minutes of fame is can sometimes be extended to 20, technology is advancing to a remarkable state, and the reason I haven’t blogged anything of worth in the past couple weeks is because searching for a house makes me CRAZY.

A New Day

Being three hours behind (and waking up at 1030AM PST), I had to watch the inauguration via clips on, so the build-up of the entrance, oath, speech and eventual exit weren’t the same as if watching on TV. It DEFINITELY wasn’t the same as being there, but honestly my apartment is much warmer and I can watch in my house clothes, with a cup of tea. You give, you take.

For what is such an epic event, it doesn’t convey that way electronically. The speech was progressive and inspiring, and though I caught some people yawning you have to figure that they’d been standing or sitting in the freezing cold for hours, and then previously travel from wherever to arrive. Yawns happen, so there is no blame there.

I was pleased that everyone behaved themselves on camera, and pleased that we have someone in office with enough confidence and courage to take on what is probably the toughest job in the world right now. It doesn’t seem like today has a shiny new sheen on it, because that feeling was back in November. The day after the elections is when it felt like we had A New President, even though today is the official date. Also I’m off work today as a comp day for yesterday’s holiday, so I’m in that final ‘long weekend’ phase, where you try to get all the stuff done you didn’t do because everyone else was off.

The thing about this election, this inauguration, this moment, as blasé as I sound, is that it really is historical. It makes me sad to think that so many people are speaking petty thoughts against this man who has done nothing to them (just because of color or faith), but it gives me hope that we might become not the nation we once were, but a better, more solid and more majestic nation than ever before. I think it’s a sign of good things that this man, before he’d even taken office, made people not only care about politics, but about their nation, and about other people. They may not love everything about everything, but they’re finally paying attention.

Who knows, he might even make little kids once again start saying that they want to be President when they grow up.

In summation, this is from my first email of the morning, and it wins. 🙂


Heading out with a friend from high school to celebrate, but here’s to making it through another year. Remember, your year is only as awesome as you make it. 😉

Happy 2009!

Stephen Colbert Tells Kanye To Sit Down & Shut Up

…praise the lord!

I won’t even get into a full rant, because that would require too much energy. He just needs to go away now. My bitterness towards him might not be so overwhelming if my neighbors didn’t play his crap every weekend on the same looping playlist with MIA and Daft Punk and T.E.C.H.N.O. Not even anything good, just the kind you’d hear if somebody was doing a parody about it. They’re starting to put some older Smashing Pumpkins in their playlist now, which makes me sad because I like Smashing Pumpkins.

I digress. This is not a post about my neighbors, this is an anti-KW post. Oh, btw, I enjoy lots and LOTS of music, just… on my own schedule and maybe not cranked all the way up starting at 10PM.

Alright. So, “American Boy” is a good song, and only because Estelle sounds so good has it redeemed that garbage where Kanye stole “sampled” the beat from Daft Punk. “Slow Jamz” was good and only because of Twista and the beatz. Kanye himself was good when he had that one song out, “If iiiii ruled the world…”

Oh wait. That was NAS.


Sunglasses display mannequin ftw, haha!

Teakettles, Vampires, and Anti-WSYIWYG

This is the ‘manic’ stage of my bipolarity. Despite dealing with (being bipolar) for more than half my life, that word still looks silly to me. Nonsensical. Still, there it is, and there I am. If you’ve followed my blogging for more than six months, you might be able to follow the stages – digressive, abrupt, link-filled during the manic times, perhaps with various illustrations or crafts, while the lower periods will tend to be short and cryptic.

As enjoyable as the productivity and elation of the extreme manic times can be, the fear of the inevitable downswing always dulls the excitement of Really Getting Things Done. It’s similar to (that classic story whose name escapes me) now, in which the main character could never really enjoy time off of work due to the inevitable return to his job.

Thinking now… my grammar and spelling are not perfect. My hands have crafted many a typo (though admittedly, I’ll do my best to avoid that), and occasionally – okay, sometimes more than occasionally – I’ll have to look up the proper spelling or punctuation marks. My (now-no-longer-secret) personal goal is to phrase my writing so as not to use the proper noun “I” so many times.

You know what used to be really fun for me? Diagramming sentences. Some people like football, some people like to split up the independent clauses and make cute little trees out of their words. These days, my ability to chop up a sentence’s structure (in visual form) is rusty, but the faint recollection is there. Oh Google-fu, come to the rescue!

Anyway, that whole bit was mostly just to say how much I completely abhor what younger people today have done to the English language. LOLcat is for macros, sarcasm is for flavor. Please check yo’self.

A week (or two?) ago, a programmer friend of mine mentioned Notepad++. I thought he was making a funny, “Uh huh, remember using Notepad in your Angelfire days, it went real well with that winged baby devil, hahaha, yeah, you call yourself a web designer, whatever Miss DREAMWEAVER 4, har har har.”

Days later I sigh, and admit to a total lack of knowledge in the coding department:

Also… since phase 2 (/4) of the site I’ve been working on is almost complete, I’ve suddenly had a craving to learn code.
All of it.
This reminds me of the CollegeHumor video someone forwarded to me, The Matrix Runs on Windows.
“I’m going to learn… Ubuntu?”

Last week a coworker somehow convinced me to go see Twilight with her. Why, exactly, isn’t something I’m entirely sure of: thanks to The Internet!, a preview of the trailer was readily available and convinced me that bad, bad things were afoot. Note here (because it’s so awful I don’t care about spoiling it) – just stick with the books.
We’d devoured all four of the aforementioned books and though spending $$$ for a small popcorn, ticket, and bottled water wasn’t on my financial priority list, I somehow found myself in the theater, mentally trying to prepare for the flick that was ahead.

Two words: BAD. MAKEUP.

In the book, vampires are supposed to be basically… made of marble. Cold, pale, et cetera, and a major scene is how the main vamp sparkles in the sunlight. With all the money they raked in, I was thinking it would be a nice shirtless display of body shimmer and well done MAC.

Two more words: CGI TWINKLES.

My final verdict is that I feel bad for Pattinson, because it was cinematic garbage. I almost walked out, but at least got a good ab workout from all the laughing.

Oh, it’s not a comedy? …oops.

That’s about all you’ll get from me as far as an in-depth analysis or detailed review. If you’re really interested though, stick with the books, and stay away from the malls for the next month or two.

Here’s a little clip with Daniel Radcliffe talking mostly about Equus, and a little about how the teenybopper girls he knows are starting to really get on his nerves with their Pattinson-obsession.

Finally, since “Winter” is now upon us (quotation marks for the San Diegans in the room), I’ve been renewing my love for my favorite beverages – hot tea & hot cocoa!

Check out this neat tea maker/warmer from Adiago. It’s not my beloved Tassimo (yes, I still want it), but it’d be a nice consolation prize.