Chrome Digitalis

This is old news, but…

Google created a browser called Chrome and presented it in comic form.

See full details here:

Since my interests now have gone back to the tech/social-networking side of things, this is an interesting read for me. I have to wonder what the sad face means (haven’t really delved in fully yet), as I am browsing online while currently in the queue for my fourth run of EoTS. We’ve won two out of three so far (go Horde), so that’s kind of nice. I’m just farming honor and don’t really know why. PvP isn’t really my thing, but it’s a nice break from the monotony of what I’ve been doing for the past several years.

Back to Chrome: I particularly liked the monkeys. 🙂

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And Another Thing

So, yeah, some of you are sad that Obama won, but hey – at least it’s balanced out by the fact that all those pesky gays won’t be getting married anytime soon and wrecking your traditional lives with all their wedding festivities. Sorry, no champagne for you!

Here is the list of all of the organizations, businesses and individuals that helped fund the Yes On 8 proposition:

Those folks are obviously very proud of having the resources to donate $5,000… $10,000… some even upwards of A MILLION DOLLARS towards such a cause, let’s take a nice peaceful stance and get their names out there.

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At Least We Don’t Have Cholera

Things that are bad include the following.

Let’s hope this gets contained and controlled quickly. In the meantime, I may never eat instant ramen again.

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I Haven’t Even Finished Sims 2


WANT. Come ON. This isn’t fair! First the murloc (which is out of stock currently), then the missing nano, and now this. I have expenses! Bills! Stuff!!


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R. Crumb Exhibition – Get your art on

R. Crumb exhibition at University of Pennsylvania in Philly.

After watching “American Splendor”, I am saddened that visitation to this event will not happen. However if you are in the neighborhood you should go in my place.

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